394791The title sounds simple enough, but what is the big hang up?  I guess the answer is money, but Evansville is full of resources that could make Thunder on the Ohio extremely successful again.  So what would it really take?  Evansville already has a rich tradition of hydroplane racing, so those resources are already in place.  A date?  There have been problems in the past with the H1 Unlimited Series being a part of the ShrinersFest due to conflicts with the air show.  Ok, so separate it from the ShrinersFest.  Bringing 2 big events to the riverfront would be great for Evansville anyway.  My idea (and you can call me crazy) would be – 1. Pick a date in the summer, after the ShrinersFest –  2. Include the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival food booths and rides.  Line up those food booths we love every October along Riverside Dr, bring in the rides, and enjoy the sites and sounds of Thunder being back in Evansville while eating deep fried Oreos, pronto pups, giant tenderloins, whatever your favorite Fall Festival food is.  Even if this idea would be scaled down a bit to not take away from the real Fall Festival, tell me how this would not be a success for Evansville, and everyone involved.  Thunder on the Ohio is one event that truly defines Evansville, just like the Fall Festival.  So why not mix the two?  This is just my 2 cents.  I would love hear from the Evansville community about this idea, and other ideas to get Thunder back.